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About Kika

Kika here. I am the lead tattoo artist at Master Minds Tattoo. I have been tattooing for more than 10 years now and am a member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, which is commonly referred to as the APT. You can check out what the APT is all about on their website at, or you can swing by the shop and  I will be happy to talk it over with you and give you some information on them.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not one to talk a whole lot about myself and my “amazing” work. After all, all artists are “amazing”…just ask them…lol. I would much rather you take a look at my work and judge for yourself. I specialize in custom one-of-a-kind pieces that come from your input…your ideas, personalized specific to you.

A quick phone call or email is all it takes to start putting your thoughts into design.

(210) 849-5465