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Halloween Spectacular

October 30-31

Join us for Halloween fun in a safe environment. Each artist will have flash ready for $40 ($31+$9 tip) that you can choose from. Other artists will have some flash specials throughout October.

Cozy 4 Baphy Raffle

Get a free $200.00 tattoo!

We are working in conjunction with the TST and Haven for Hope to help take care of our community as Covid-19 impacted many in our community. Please bring any of the following items listed in the flyer to the shop. You will automatically be entered into a raffle to recieve a $200.00 credit from one of the artists. There will be 3 winners.

Children's Ear Piercing Package


Claire's is gross. Plain and simple. They do not offer implant grade jewelry, use guns that cause blunt force trauma, and do not have aseptic practices that a professional piercer has in a studio.


You can properly teach your child personal hygenine, introduce them into a safe world of body modification, and bodily autonomy/consent in a safe and sterile environment. Your child will be pierced with a blade needle (no blunt force trauma here), pierced with implant grade titanium jewelry (no cheap metals), and in a private room with the parent to ensure a quiet and comfortable environment versus a loud mall. Our piercer is trained to work with children and BOTH federally background checked and fingerprinted to work with children.


The package includes the following:

  • one pair of implant grade ASTM F136 titanium jewelry of their choice
  • the piercing fee 
  • a "Certificate of Awesomeness"
  • Aftercare bag
  • Snacks (fruit snacks or chips and water)
  • Goodie bag with some treats for being awesome