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Are you looking to get a custom tattoo or clean piercing in San Antonio?  Look no further than Master Minds Tattoo! We pride ourselves in creating custom tattoos designed for you in mind and offering clean piercing procedures. We guarantee that we are the best studio to get your one-of-a-kind custom tattoo work and gorgeous piercings in San Antonio.


We are state licensed, Mother approved, and proud members of the Alliance of Professional Tattooist (APT). We firmly believe in one-time use needles for each and every person. We DO NOT and WILL NOT re-sterilize needles.


Although this may sound like standard practice in modern tattooing, it is completely LEGAL in the State of Texas to re-sterilize needles. We pride ourselves in offering proper aseptic practices, pristine service, and will take the extra effor to guarantee that your tattoo will not only look amazing, but heal just as beautifully.


When you speak with any artist, be sure and ask them their background and experience, as well as if they are professionally certified.

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Friday- Saturday 12:00pm 10:30pm
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