Each one of our artists brings their own styles and experiences to the studio. Each artist is passionate about body art and can do multiple styles. Please check through each artists portfolio to work with the Mastermind that best suits your needs.

Owner / Tattoo Artist

Kika here! Kika is the lead tattoo artist at MasterMinds with 20 years of professional experience under his belt. He is one of the few Alliance of Professional Tattooist (commonly refered to as the APT) members in the State of Texas.

Kika is profecient in a variety of styles ranging from American Traditional to Trash Polka. He is more than happy to give a fun filled time while providing a clean tattoo. 

Tattoo Artist


Pink is a seasoned artist here at Mastermids. He has been with the studio since the early days and continues to sling ink.  Chris is a capable artist with verstility in a multitude of styles.



Tattoo Artist


Chris's grandfather recognized his artistic abilities when he was young and helped Chris cultivate his art until his passion. He went to college for  graphic design and film in Colorado and moved to San Antonio in spring of 2020.
Chris is a family man that loves pop culture and crazy mash-ups. He is a versatile artist who can do black and grey, script, color, and floral tattoos that flow with the body.



Tattoo Apprentice

Kaitlyn is our current tattoo apprentice and front counter staff. She is usually the voice you hear when you give us a ring.

She is also our wonderful apprentice! She is still learning the ropes and trade  but continues to grow and learn new things every day with us. Tattoos are her passion and she is eager to continue her journey with the Masterminds.